linkWood & Formica Repair Kit to easily repair kitchen counter tops, cabinets, or any plastic laminate such as wall paneling, furniture, or desktops.

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 Wood & Laminate Fix a chip Repai Laminate fix
Wood Resort

Wood Glue

Wood Glue Instant Nails
 Stixall Wall Patch



 Chart how to mix please click ---- >  Colour matching guide




Wood & laminate Repair Kit


In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

With this patented kit, you can easily repair kitchen counter tops, cabinets, or any plastic laminate such as laminate floors, wall paneling, furniture, or desktops. There are dozens of repairs you can do in your car, truck, SUV, boat or RV.

If you like to repair or restore furniture, or you have chipped Wilson Art, this kit is just what the doctor ordered!

The kit comes with seven colors and a mixing chart to help you match any color. Simply mix the repair compound to the desired color, apply on the damaged area, and allow to dry. After the repair has dried, lightly sand if desired. Then apply the clear finish over the repair, and allow it to dry overnight. Our special repair compound will turn into a hard plastic finish, almost identical to the original.The kit can also match woodgrain and antique colors!

Click here to download this instruction file



2 Quick 20 Fix-A-Chip Repair Kit

Repairs in 20 Minutes!      for Woods and Laminates and hard plastics


Repair chips, burns, cracks and damages on surfaces quick & easy in Wood and Laminates

Use on:
•Counter tops
•Laminate floors
•Wood paneling
•Other hard plastic surfaces


Mix colour compound to match any colour want



 Chart how to mix* please click ---- >  Colour matching guide

The kit comes with seven colours and a mixing chart to help you match any colour. Simply mix the repair compound to the desired colour and add an equal part of the activator (to create 20 Minutes cure) to the coloured repair compound, apply on the damaged area, and allow to dry. After the repair has dried, lightly sand if desired. Then apply the clear finish over the repair, and allow it to dry overnight. Our special repair compound will turn into a hard plastic finish, almost identical to the original. The kit can also match wood grain and antique colours!

 CONTENTS: 7 Part A colour repair compounds, 1 Part A Clear Adhesive, Part B activator, epoxy ribbon, grain patterns, gel release agent, sandpaper, colour mixing guide, brush, spatula, mixing cup, and instructions.



 3 Laminate-Fix       !!Good for worktops not floors!!


Repair nicks, chips, scratches, burns, small cracks and minor imperfections.


Use on countertops, backsplashes, cabinet facings, table tops, vanities, furniture...virtually any plastic laminate surface Specific matte finish and high-gloss finish color matches to  Wilsonart®, and other brands of plastic laminate.
Laminate - Fix   - £12.50
             Available in varous colours

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery


4 Ultimate Wood & Laminate Chip Repair Kit - for Chips Scratches

To mix colour this  indicates the colour you will get if you add           + White   +Grey  + Black
 to the colours in the columm





Repair Wood and Laminate's chips, burns, cracks and damages on surfaces quick & easy

Use on:
•Counter tops •Laminate and Wood floors •Desktops •Wood panelling •Other hard plastic surfaces

Match any colour practicing on the cards before applying.

This Kit include six intermix wood paint to match any wood colour and hand mouldable wood putty stick for large chips.

At long last, a revolutionary product for repairing those unsightly chips in your laminate and wood!

Our simple instructions will help you get any chip mended in minutes. No matter what colour, composition or grade of wood, many chips can be repaired with this amazing product!

It literally takes a minute or two to dry. Can dilute the paint with Thinners, if needed. Used for chips and get the same effect as you do when filling and painting over a chips in the wall and match the colour exactly. The liquid you have been supplied is of the highest quality and is extremely durable. Dry in approximately 10 - 15 minutes.

If your chips are 3mm - 4mm in diameter, you will be able to repair a minimum of 200 chips.

The dried liquid has a gloss finish. Fine water paper has been included in each kit and is to be used 48 hours after you have repaired your chip. Simply sand lightly to get a matt finish.

This product is ideal for patterned laminate - you need to repeat the patterns by replicating the shapes within. As the liquid is touch dry within minutes, you will be able to mix up all the different colours in your laminate wood. Work with one colour at a time.

Colours you can achieve in the chart above.

The top section labelled PRIMARY shows the Primary colour you will receive in your kit, including the Brown, which is you base colour.

The bottom section labelled SECONDARY shows the secondary colours you will get if you mix 2 primary colour together with the Brown, as shown in column 2.

Column 3 indicates the colour you will get if you add white; Column4 indicate the colour you will get if you add Grey; Column5 indicates the colour you get if you add black.

6 ColorFill - Laminate Repairer & Worktop Joint Sealant (including cleaning Solvent)

 Laminate Floors
 Kitchen Worktops Joints

Colourfill & 20ml Cleaning Solvent  - £7.99              Available in varous colours

Please click here for colour sample

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
Designed specifically for the installation of mitred worktop joints, making the finished joint almost invisible.


ColorFill performs three tasks:

ColorFill will repair scratches and chips in laminate surfaces

It seals the kitchen joint against water and domestic detergents

It bonds the joint together kitchen worktop

Clean the damaged area with a solvent moistened tissue to ensure there are no oil or grease residues on the surface.And after repair clean off overfill with a solvent moistened tissue around the repair.

The result is a clean, hygienic and waterproof joint, which is almost invisible finish.


7 Rejuvenate Floor Restorer and Protectant





Rejuvenate Floor Restorer £11.99    16 fl. oz  473ml

Rejuvenate restores, shines and protects laminate, hardwood, vinyl, slate, tile and marble. Rejuvenate is a breakthrough formula that adds a new layer of acrylic polymer to your floor's surface for that showroom new shine. It makes what's old look new again. Rejuvenate takes the worst, beat-up, scuffed-up floors and refinishes them with one easy mop-on application. With Rejuvenate, you get instant results….every time!!
  • Fills in small scratches
  • No sanding to refinish your hardwood floors
  • No waxy build up
  • Resist stains and spills
  • Provides enhanced traction to slippery floors

Rejuvenate® FLOOR Restorer can be safely used to renew all the following surface types:

Laminate Floor

Hardwood Floor

Slate Floor

Cement Floor

Ceramic Tile Floor

Terrazzo Floor

Terra Cotta Floor

Marble Floor

Fiberglass Floor

Travertine Floor

Flagstone Floor


Cork Floor

Pine Floor

No Wax Floor



Just, clean, pour and mop. In minutes you will restore what time and use have taken away, with no mess, no buffers, no workmen and no complications.

• Saves cost of having floors professionally refinished
• Effortless, odorless application - just clean, pour & mop
• 8 oz. bottle can restore a 12×14 sized-room (a kitchen, office or family room)
• Millions of satisfied customers



8 Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer


Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer £11.50   12 fl. oz  355ml


Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer & Protectant restores life to the finished wood, Formica, and laminate surfaces of a wide variety of cabinetry, furniture and wall paneling. Its polymer-based formula fills in scratches, restores shine, seals grout and protects cabinets and furniture from new scratches and water damage. In addition, it includes a new ultra-violet (UV) ray barrier that shields surfaces from the sun?s damaging effects. One easy wipe-on application lasts up to three months.

  • Restores life to the finished wood, Formica, and laminate surfaces
  • Polymer-based formula fills in scratches, restores shine, and protects
  • Includes a new ultra-violet (UV) ray barrier that shields surfaces from the sun's damaging effects
  • One easy wipe-on application lasts up to three months


9 Williamsville Polish with Touch-Up & Scratch Cover

Hide nicks, scratches and minor damage to give wood surfaces a new, revitalized look. And it requires no more effort than regular polishing!

Williamsville's Polish Touch-Up & Scratch Cover provides nourishing beeswax and lemon oil to protect damaged areas as well as the whole surface. It's safe and contains no silicone, detergent or turpentine.

Polishes available for:

•Light finishes (Oak, Ash, Birch)
•Medium Finishes (Maple, Pecan)
•Dark Finishes (Mahogany, Walnut)
•Reddish Finishes (Cherry, Red Mahogany)
 £7.99 8 fl  236ml 
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

10 Williamsville Wax  for Wood Furnitures

An Early American recipe of beeswax, lemon oil and other natural oils, Williamsville Wax is the way to go when you want to preserve and enrich your home's furniture and woodwork.

"Feeding" as it polishes, Williamsville Wax replaces the natural oils that dry out over time, and provides lustrous protection without build-up.

Non-flammable, with no silicone, turpentine, detergents or other harmful ingredients, it's the perfect way to revitalize any type of wood or finish, including catalyzed lacquer, varnish, shellac oil, polyurethane, or wood that has been neglected or mistreated.





12 Gorilla Glue  - for wood and others


115ml Bottle £5.99
275ml Bottle £8.99


Gorilla Glue bonds materials other adhesives simply can't. Gorilla Glue bonds wood, metal, stone, ceramics, foam, glass and much more! And it's still the best glue for anyone who wants the job done right. Plus, it's now available in a faster setting formula and a Precision Glue Pen for pin point applications.

Benefits of the new improved Gorilla Glue family:

VERSATILE : ideal for most household fixes, building repairs and creative projects inside and out. Bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramics, foam, glass, brick, concrete and more...

100% WATERPROOF : does not break down when exposed to outdoor elements. Easily passes ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2000 Types 1 and 2.

TEMPERATURE RESISTANT : once its dry Gorilla Glue is unaffected by extreme heat or cold.

SANDABLE, PAINTABLE, STAINABLE : the invisible glue line makes finishing easy.

MORE COVERAGE - Because Gorilla Glue foams to 3X its size, a little goes a long way (30ml/m squared

Gorilla Glue 115ml Bottle £5.99            In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

Gorilla Glue 275ml  Bottle  £8.99            
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery


13 Wood Epoxy Putter -  PC Lumber


PC-Lumber is a hand mouldable putty epoxy designed for quick emergency-type repairs. PC-Lumber is formulated with real wood. Cut, mix and apply. PC-Lumber allows a working time of about 15 minutes and cures for service in 60 minutes. Non Sag.

Repair and Rebuild - wood, furniture, frames, screw holes and more. Work time 15 Minutes

Mixing: Cut or twist off desired amount of epoxy. Mix by kneading putty with fingers until a uniform colour is achieved. For ease of mixing warm putty to room temperature or above. Powder on hands (corn starch, baby powder) is helpful to minimize sticky epoxy contact before hardening begins. 28g


14 Wood Patse -  PC Woody

The Impossible Made Easy
Fill rotted or missing wood
Structural wood filler
Made from wood
Exterior or internal use
No solvents Non-shrinking
Fill, shape, mold, sand nail and screw
Stain and paintable
Mold and shape, nail, saw and screw into
2 part
1.5 Oz.



15 High Performance Wet Rot Wood

  Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener penetrates deep binding and hardening decaying wood to provide a solid base for wood filling and cures wood rot on any timber surface. Reinforces wood and sets rock hard. Quick drying, for interior or exterior use.
 £5.99  200ML


16 High Performance Wood Filler

Ronseal High Performance Wood filler is a chemically bonded filler and catalyst that provides extremely tough repairs to virtually any wood damage without shrinking or cracking. Fills to any depth and can be drilled, screwed or planed. For interior and exterior use.Ideal for use in interior or exterior wood repairs more than 5 mm deep. Typical areas include window frames, sills, doors and door frames. For minor and surface wood repairs use Ronseal Multi Purpose Wood Filler.
 £7.95  275g  Colour - Natural Wood or White
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery


17 Furniture Touch Up Restor it Kit




Fills and stains to restore beauty to furniture quickly and easily.
Use Touch-Up Markers to conceal minor scratches, worn edges, blemishes and imperfections.

5 Touch-Up Markers in:
Natural Cherry/Red Mahogany
Light Oak Walnut/Dark Mahogany
Dark Oak/Mahogany    
Use Filler Stick to fill deep scratches, gouges, nail holes & cracks.
3 Filler Sticks for wood finishes in Light, Medium, or Dark
For use on wood:
Furniture Doors
Floors Paneling
Woodwork Frames and more





18 Williamsville Natural Wood Cleaner

Want wood surfaces to look brand new again? Powerful Williamsville Wood Cleaner lifts out dirt and residue without using dangerous flammable solvents. Non-abrasive and non-scratching, this great all around cleaner is also effective on any hard surface, including glass, stainless steel, laminates, painted surfaces, chrome and vinyl.
 £7.99  354ML








21 Amazing GOOP® Wood & Furniture

Amazing GOOP® Wood & Furniture is stronger
than wood glue, and works great for bonding wood
to a different material. Its perfect for all your

do-it-yourself repairs and projects.


  • Strongest single component adhesive.
  • Bonds to wood, metal, cement, fabric, leather.
  • Seal all repairs with a flexible waterproof hold.
  • Fixes furniture, cabinets, table legs, dog houses.
  • Paintable.
  • Withstands heat up to 150°F / 66°C.
  • Attach joints and guides on drawers.
  • Apply a non-slip surface to tool handles.
  • Secure and repair loose laminate.
  • Apply protective coating to shoes and boots.
  • Repair loose wood paneling.
  • Attach baseboards and crown moldings.
  • And much more!



Amazing GOOP® Wood & Furniture 3.7fl.oz. (110ml) 6.99


23 EcoGlue® Premium Wood Adhesive


EcoGlue® Premium Wood Adhesive is a high performance environmentally safe (non toxic, less than 1% VOC, no solvents) industrial adhesive that has an incredibly strong bond to wood. It's patented advanced PVA formula is water-based and made with no animal derivatives. As a result, the physical and mechanical adhesive strength, flex strength, heat resistance, sandability, toughness and water resistance are much higher than most other white and wood glues.

Passes ANSI / HPVA Type 2 water resistance
Heat resistance requirements of
ASTM D 5751-95 and WATT 91
Prop 65 compliant
FDA approved for indirect food contact
Unaffected by finishes
No expanding/foaming during curing
Resists solvents, heat and mildew
Contains no free phenol and/or
urea formaldehyde resins, or isocyanate
Fast setting speed in room temperature, cold press,
hot press or radio frequency (RF) applications
Can be spread with a roller spreader or brush


EcoGlue Premium Wood 59 53 64 54
TiteBond III 40 37 47 33
Elmer's Ultimate 16 22 29 26
Gorilla Glue 17 24 24 33
Liquid Nails 16 39 19 18
Roo Clear 25 25 32 27
Roo Tac 12 73 5 6
Roo Wood 55 40 52 44

 180° Peel Test ASTM D 903 (2007)
Ave. Max. Load Measured in lbf/in

EcoGlue® Premium Wood Adhesive 8fl.oz. (237 ml)    £5.99     

EcoGlue® Premium Wood Adhesive 16fl.oz. (473 ml) 7.99


25 The Great Wall Patch  


The Great Wall Patch is a self-adhesive wall patch with a fast-setting plaster center that was invented by a General Building Contractor who saw the need for a wall patch that did the job right. Whether the user is a "Do- It -Yourselfer" or a professional, everyone is impressed with The Great Wall Patch's ease of use, ultra thin design, superior strength and unsurpassed quality.

Available in single packs  8" sizes.


The Great Wall Patch 8"  -  £8.99
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

How to Instruction

Materials Needed: patching compound, putty knife at least 3" wide, spray bottle filled with water and sandpaper or drywall sponge (gloves recommended)

Clean away any loose debris around the area to be patched. Peel backing from The Great Wall Patch, center over damaged area, and press on. For best results, check that a minimum 1/2 inch of the plaster area of the patch is

attached to the surrounding area of the hole.

Spray plaster area of patch liberally with water. Rub gently until plaster has a milky appearance. This step activates the plaster in the Great Wall Patch.

Wait 3 to 5 minutes for patch to start to harden. Press lightly on plaster area covering the hole so that you create an indentation. If indentation does not hold it's shape, wait a few minutes more and press again until it holds an indentation. Let patch dry completely.

Use a fast-setting patching compound and a drywall knife to fill the indented area of the patch and also thinly cover a few inches surrounding repaired area to make a flush finish with the wall. Let area dry (apply a thin second coat of patching compound if needed) sand area to a smooth and flat finish. Texture area, if needed, and prime and paint.


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26 Tenax Marble and Stone Glue & Filling ( Mastics) - Size 1 Ltr

For Marble and Stone Floors and Kitchen Worktops  and Walls

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
£12.99                Colours ;- Transparent (Clear), White, black, Straw
Designed adhesive glue and filler for marble, stone a and slate, but also suitable for wood and metal.
They are used for gluing and filling of all types of marbles and stone
High tixotropic colour glue. The glue is smooth and easy to spread. Minimum colour change after hardening.
It is used to glue and repair vertical and horizontal marble and similar stone and is easy to stir and spread.
Instruction for use
- Be sure that the marble to be treated is dry and clean.
- Remove required amount of glue and add the catalyst paste in 2-3% ratios.
- Stir well.
- Do not return the unused glue to the cans. If it is necessary to correct the color, use the coloring paste.

Comes in colour
Transparent (Clear)

27 Tenax Colourant Paste


In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
£6.99                Colours ;- White, black, Green Red, Brown, Yellow
Add the colour before the catalyst and match the hue.
This is the Tenax Epoxy Glue Colour is a low cost way to colour your epoxies. And makes matching your glues simple. Tenax epoxy based colours can be used with all standard stone epoxies. Each colour comes in a 2 ounce squeeze type tube. This low cost colour goes a long way. It is made by Tenax, the oldest name in the business



For example to get cream start with  white and add a touch of  brown and yellow to lighten. For colour grey take white and add a touch of black..

  Colour matching guide

 You can use the clear or white adhesive to start the colour matching with the paste.

 28 Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish


Granite Cleaner & Polish (in a trigger-spray bottle) safely cleans and polishes sealed granite countertops including granite, marble, quartz, Corian, laminate, ceramic tile, porcelain, fibreglass and most other non-porous countertop surfaces.

Not only does it remove grease, stains, water marks and food residue, but visibly reduces surface scratches and reverses dullness to reveal natural colon and veining!

Available in 12 fl 355ml