Easily Maintain & Restore the Beauty of Your Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel Scratch-B-Gone Homeowners Kit

Everything you need to restore, refinish, and resurface your stainless steel!


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Easily Maintain & Restore the Beauty of Your Stainless Steel

Restore and Clean Your Stainless Steel Refrigerator, Sink, Cook Top, Dishwasher, Microwave, and BBQ Quickly and Easily - You don't have to just 'live with it'! Make it look like new, again!

  • It's Easy - anyone can do it!
  • It's Fast - most repairs can be done in minutes.
  • It's Simple to use...just 3 simple steps.
  • Designed for Homeowners, Contractors and Service Technicians
  • Remove scuffs, fine scratches, light scratches and deep scratches
  • Remove chemical discoloration caused by cleaning products, bleach and acids from your appliances
  • Remove rust, heat scorching (black, blue, gold colour) from your Barbecue hood
  • Maintain the appearance of your Stainless steel sink...keep it looking new

Scratch-B-Gone™ has been used in the field for years to permanently remove scratches, stains and rust from all brushed surfaces on Stainless steel appliances, grills and sinks. Now you, too, can bring back the original appearance and beauty to your appliances at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

The Restore It Yourself Stainless steel Scratch-B-Gone tool works like a magic eraser by quickly removing all surface scratches and scuffs while restoring and blending the adjoining surfaces.

The secret? Introducing ULTRA SHINE™, our proprietary conditioning formulation that lets you remove isolated scratches locally and speeds the oxidation of the newly restored metal to blend perfectly with surrounding areas. This means you don't have to resurface the entire appliance to obtain a universal matched finish.

Specially developed pads contain various specific 'metal cutting mineral grits' which aggressively cut and channel into Stainless steel and soft metals to create grain finish.

SEEING IS BELIEVING! We are so confident that you will love the results of our tool, we have put a video CD into every kit which will show you first hand just how easy it is to remove scratches, no matter how deep. Our kit lets you do it yourself...easily and expertly...for less than a dollar a scratch.

 Detailed Instruction

This kit has been tested and found safe on all manufacturers of 'REAL' Stainless steel appliances, sinks and grills.
WARNING! DO NOT attempt to use Restore It Yourself Stainless steel Scratch-B-Gone tool on polished or chromed surfaces. This tool is intended for resurfacing of brushed 'real' metal surfaces only. Never use on synthetic or imitation Stainless steel or surfaces that have a clear coating as this process will remove these protective finishes. Read and review thoroughly the materials that come with your Scratch-B-Gone purchase before beginning. 


2 ULTRA SHINE 1oz Surface Lubricant and Oxidant

The "SECRET SAUCE" at the heart of the Scratch-B-Gone system. This proprietary formulation serves 3 very important and necessary functions; lubricates the working surface, lifts particulate which is created during the re-graining process, and speeds the return of the 'warm look' by chemically oxidizing the 'new' restored surface to quickly blend and match surrounding areas. 'Ultra Shine' leaves your repaired area looking fresh and dries to the touch upon wiping. It is 'Ultra Shine' which makes quick and thorough restorations possible.

The EXPERT says: DO NOT SUBSTITUTE! Without 'Ultra Shine', any attempt to resurface a damaged or scratched area will result in a discoloured "Bright Spot" which will not match surrounding surfaces and require refinishing of an entire surface and adjacent surfaces to match.







3 Rust-Oleum Stainless Steel Paint


Refrigerators, dishwashers, and other household items such as tabletops, picture frames and other accessories will have a more modern look with Rust-Oleum Stainless Steel paint.

Product contains real stainless steel pigments to create a rich, metallic finish.

The paint's durable formulation and easy roll-on application makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

It's the easy and affordable way to modernize your home.