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1 Tenax Marble and Stone Glue & Filling ( Mastics Paste ) - Size 1 Ltr

For Marble and Stone Floors and Kitchen Worktops  and Walls

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
£16.99                Colours ;- Transparent (Clear), White, black, Straw
Designed adhesive glue and filler for marble, stone a and slate, but also suitable for wood and metal.
They are used for gluing and filling of all types of marbles and stone
High tixotropic colour glue. The glue is smooth and easy to spread. Minimum colour change after hardening.
It is used to glue and repair vertical and horizontal marble and similar stone and is easy to stir and spread.
Instruction for use
- Be sure that the marble to be treated is dry and clean.
- Remove required amount of glue and add the catalyst paste in 2-3% ratios.
- Stir well.
- Do not return the unused glue to the cans. If it is necessary to correct the color, use the coloring paste.

Comes in colour
Transparent (Clear)

2 Tenax Colourant Paste


White: Black: Green: Yellow: Brown: Blue:
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
£9.99 - £12.99             Colours ;- White, black, Green Red, Brown, Yellow
Add the colour before the catalyst and match the hue.
This is the Tenax Epoxy Glue Colour is a low cost way to colour your epoxies. And makes matching your glues simple. Tenax epoxy based colours can be used with all standard stone epoxies. Each colour comes in a 2 ounce squeeze type tube. This low cost colour goes a long way. It is made by Tenax, the oldest name in the business



For example to get cream start with  white and add a touch of  brown and yellow to lighten. For colour grey take white and add a touch of black..


3 Tenax Marble and Stone Glue - Flowing Liquid - Size 1 Ltr

For Marble and Stone Floors and Kitchen Worktops  and Walls

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
£15.99                Colours ;- Transparent  Straw
Tenax Marble and Stone Glue - Flowing Liquid is a high quality polyester mastic used to horizontally repair, rebuild, bond, and fill. Flowing will cure shiny, is very polishable and colors easily to match the stone. It cures fast and bonds extremely strong. Cures in lower temperatures. Excellent for rodding reinforcement on a countertop. Not suitable for temperatures below 32°. Recommended for interior use.

This liquid glue used to glue and repair in horizontal marbles and similar stones. The hardened product looks shiny and It is very polish able. Good the reactivity at low temperature. Adhesion force and mechanical properties are the most important qualities.

Instruction for use

Remove the required amount of glue from the can and add the necessary hardener as directed. Do not return the unused mixture to the can. Surfaces to be treated must be dry and clean, with no grease or dust on them. Hardening time is 3-7 minutes at 25 C (77F) with 3% of hardener. Store the product at 20C (70F). Keep away from the sun and heat sources.

Comes in colour




4 Tenax Marble and Stone Glue & Filling Super Transparent- Size 1 Ltr

Super Transparent

For Marble and Stone Floors and Kitchen Worktops and Walls


£23.99 Colours ;- Super Transparent (water clear)


  Colour matching guide

 You can use the clear or white adhesive to start the colour matching with the paste.





5 CeraPasta -  Marble and Stones solid Wax and Polish  1 Ltr


  1 Ltr  £13.99   Clear
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
1 Ltr  £16.99   Black
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

It is a treatment used for the protection and the polishing effect on marble, onyxes, natural stones, granite, agglomerates, terrazzo. it is used to brighten up the lost polishing effect.

Tenax Silid was is a result of special waxes melted through solvent that allow a high penetration level treated leading to a long lasting effect.

Instructions for use

Apply this wax evenly on dry and clean materials.

We suggest to spread a thin layer of the product using a cloth, than after a few minutes start to polish the surface manually with a clean and dry cloth or glass wool or with an automatic machine , in this way you will obtain an immediate brightness. Drying time at 25c 2-3 min.


6 Marble Repair Kit 



MARBLE repair kit

repair kit for marble, granite and stone
cod. 82001 - bag

Manual Repair of marble and granite compromised by small cracks or chips

The pack contains: 1 package with two doses of disposable special transparent two-component resin, 2 cups with spatule for the preparation of glue, protective gloves, pvc strips, 1 velcro pad, 1 diamond plate yellow 100 grit , 6 pieces of sandpaper 60 and 120grit, 1 instruction sheet .

To manually and easily repair marble, travertine, limestone, but also granite and ceramics compromised by small tears, chipping, cracks, etc.
Great for fixing steps chipped, broken corners of the top of the bathroom or kitchen, restore cracks etc.

The kit contains everything needed to perform minor repairs on
marble and granite.
The kit also allows those who are not expert in manual work to
glue broken marbles, repair chips or small lesions on natural
stones. You can also paste ceramic, stoneware, terracotta,
cement and so on.

on any type of stone

How to use
In the case of stones with polished surface you may want to
sand the area of the break with 120 abrasive , to remove the
gloss finish in a small neighborhood. So you limit the area to be
repaired with transparent PVC film, fixing them with adhesive
paper and leaving free only the minimum area for work.
It is prepared following the glue pouring into the cup the
contents of the tubes single dose A + B. It blends well using the
spatula and distributes the glue inside of the break in sufficient
quantity without excess. The work must be done in 15-20
minutes to work with glue sufficiently fluid. Just spread the
glue, join the two sides, squeezing good contact to make invisible the fracture line. To end the bonding phase is applied a
strip of PVC on top of the glue coming out from the break,
pressing lightly to level the resin.
After 24 hours, peel the strip from the hardened glue and sand
with coarse-grained sandpaper to reduce the layer of adhesive
to a thickness almost imperceptible, but not eliminating it
entirely. Then use the yellow diamond plate and wet sanding
the surface, removing any trace of resin on the surface and
escaping any scratches left by the sandpaper.
Where it works
It works on all natural stone: marble, travertine, limestone,
granite and on the compounds of factory as agglomarmi and

Package Contents
The package contains the following items:
• n. 1 mini diamond plate size 4.5 x4x0.3 cm. 100 grit,
• n. 2 pieces sandpaper velcro backed 120 grit
• n. 4 pieces sandpaper velcro backed 60 grit
• n. 1 pad velcro backed hook
• n. 2 +2 single dose tubes of resin A + B
• n. 2 cups with spatula
• n. 1 pair protective gloves
• strips transparent PVC film


7 Marble Restore Kit



MARBLE Restore kit
To restore the ruined marble and limestone

Where it works
It works on marble, travertine, limestone, compact sandstone is
obtained the mirror polishing.

What is
The kit contains everything necessary to bring a smooth or
rough surface until roughly mirror polishing. The kit also
allows the novice to restore small areas of polished marble
ruined by strong acids, scratches or scaling.

How to use
In relation to the damage to be repaired and the level of finish
you want to get it pass onto the surface from two to four grains
in succession.
To restore a polished marble ruined by scratches or severe
corrosion begins with the plate # 200, continuing with 400 and
800 grit up to 1500 grit and then passing the polishing powder.
The diamond plates are used on wet surface
rubbing in a circular motion with moderate pressure alternating
repeated several times. Given a uniformly smooth area to go to
the next grit until you reach the desired smoothing.
The polishing powder should be passed after the use of the
patch # 1500 grit to get so perfect a real mirror polishing.


for restoring worn surfaces from scratches, spots of corrosion or fouling
In package 4 diamond plates size 4x4.5x0.3 cm, grits 200# 400# 800# 1500#, 1 pad with back velcro, 1 small bag polishing powder

Tools to easy manually polish marble, limestone and all stones.

To manually polishing restore of marble, travertine and limestone ruined by scratches, corrosion, limescale, etc.
Great for polishing restoring bathroom or kitchen countertops, floors in marble or limestone

At this address you will find lots of information on indications for use, how to use and a video showing the procedure for restoring the surfaces: Marble Restoration.

Package Contents
The package contains the following items:
n. 4 diamond plates in grits 200 # 400 # 800 # 1500 #
n. 1 buffer velcro backed
n. 1 bag 50grams of powder for polishing marble
Technical notes:
Diamond plates: mini plates size S dim. 4x4, 5x0, 3 cm. With
diamond resin abrasive for sanding (200 grit orange, 400 grit
red, green grit 800), polishing (1500 grit light green). The
plates have the back with colored velcro to recognize the grain.
Buffer: block of soft plastic material velcro back hook size 4,2
x5x2 cm.
Polishing powder: special powder for polishing marble and
carbonate stone. This is a special blend of professional powders
that are used usually with heavy sanding machines; in the
formulation contained in the kit also works hand. It must be
used wet


2 Marble & Stone Adhesive Glue - 705 Universal Fast

Suitable Adhesive for Marble and Stones and others as shoe, MDF, glass, metal, shoe, wood, chip wood, rubber, most plastics, leather and other common substrates.

Especially suitable for the applications where cure speed needs to be accelerated. High bonding strength.


Marble & Stone Adhesive Glue - 705 Universal Fast


In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

An adhesive set which consists of high viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activator.

High bonding strength.

Suitable for use on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump.

It is particularly suited to bonding difficult substrates which have a porous or uneven nature since it increases bonding strength by preventing the adhesive to be absorbed by the surface.

It is suitable for the bonding of a very wide range of materials, including acidic surfaces and some porous ones, where rapid bonding times are required.

Although Akfix 705 has a degree of gap filling ability, it is generally recommended for use on close-fitting parts and fairly smooth, even surfaces.