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1 COSMOFEN RM - PVC Gap Filler



Damaged and false holes in PVC profiles doors, windows ansd other frames can be fixed very quickly and securely with this repair mass (liquid resin and powder). It's especially used to repair cracks, false drillings and
other damages on PVC-hard profiles

COSMOFEN RM is available in white. COSMOFEN RM hardly shrinks whilst hardening. Even when the damage is vertical or large, the high viscosity of COSMOFEN RM (thixotrope) prevents the mass from running. The repair mass ensures an excellent adhesion.

COSMOFEN RM is supplied in a set with ready to use portions including mixing spatulas


Colour - White      size 19g






COSMOFEN PLUS is suitable for quick, constructional bonding of hard PVC materials like window, doors, water bars, additional profiles and strips, blind components, gutters or pipes.Special adhesives are available for special applications such as combining material like hard PVC and Renolit surfaces or for bonding coextruded profiles (trocal, gealan).COSMOFEN PLUS HV is also available in white.
COSMOFEN PLUS HV transparent and white are mainly used for assembly bonding. Size 200g tube
Price - £10.99              Available in clear transparent and white

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery




3 COSMOFEN 5 - PVC Polish



Strongly dissolving product for polishing and smoothing for white uPVC

COSMOFEN 5 is a polishing - and smoothening material used for
PVC-window to dissolves strongly rigid PVC and uPVC, to smoothen scratchers, fissures and
abrasive traces on non-transparent rigid PVC, PS, ABS, PMMA


Size 1000ml





4 COSMOFEN 20 - PVC-cleaner



COSMOFEN 20 is a non-dissolving cleaner with anti-static agent used
for the cleaning of PVC-hard, profiles covered by Renolit-foils, PURprofiles
and expanded plastic slab, e.g. Forex , and is only suitable for
the processing in specialized companies.

COSMOFEN 20 is especially suitable for the cleaning of dust,
adhesive remainders from protection foils and labels, wax pencil,
rubber traces, fresh PUR-foam and fresh remainders of sealing
compounds, as well as tar- and bitumen splashers.

The contained anti-static agent feature prevents the profile surfaces
from getting dirty again.
Because of the good compatibility of COSMOFEN 20 with a lot of
different plastic surfaces, connected with its anti-static effect, it is
especially suitable for the exhibition production, the label industry and
a lot of other plastic processing fields


Size 1000ml





The surface is cleaned with COSMOFEN 20, filled with COSMOFEN RM PVC Gap Filler and later polished with COSMOFEN 5.



5 COSMO SL - 660.150 Adhesive Sealant



COSMO SL-660.150
Seals between PVC window, door, frame and wall.

This assembly sealing substance is particularly suitable for the quick constructional bonding of PVC-hard plastic materials and has furthermore a wide adhesion spectrum to a lot of different materials, e.g. PVC-hard, powder-coated aluminium or diverse building materials. COSMO SL-660.150 excels with its good weathering- and UV-stability thanks the properties of durability, non-ageing and viscoplasticity of the adhesive film.

Compared with usual PVC-diffusion adhesives, it has a lower shrinkage behaviour and is therefore suitable for a joint sealing with a width of up to 7 mm.
wide adhesion spectrum
gap-filling for a joint of up to 7 mm width
elastic glued joint
high initial adhesion
high bonding strength
very good weathering- and UV-stability

305g PA-cartridge

Other cask sizes on demand



Colour - White      size 19g



In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

In the PVC window manufacturing, for the bonding of additional profiles like weather-boarding, water bars, blind components, etc., and also to bond cover caps, drainage, protection stripes for shutters into PVC-profiles, as well as for the sealing of cross-bar (in T) connections.
bonding of cover-/end caps onto PVC-hard profiles, e.g. stakes.
in the exhibition and label production, for the constructional bonding of PVC-hard integral foam plates with diverse materials.




6 PVC Window Cleaning and Care Service set

Cleansing milk

Abrasive, solvent-free intensive cleanser for anodized aluminium windows, doors and roller shutters as well as for polyurethane windows and for all white PVC windows and roller shutters.

Gasket care

For maintenance and servicing of the gaskets. Sustains the softness and prevents gaskets to stick on the profile in summer as well as to freeze on the profile in winter.

Fitting oil

For maintenance and servicing of the fittings and hinges. Sustains the required gliding properties of the moving parts, thus prevents the metals from grinding dry in combination with corroding / digging in. Also provides additional rust protection.


Care set "Premium": contents

1 bottle cleaner (200ml),

5 Clothes for the seal care

1 bottle special oil for fittings

1 Cleaning cloth






7 PVC Cosmofen 515 Cyanoacrylate Glue



A quick drying 'superglue' and activator combination for bonding
trims, end caps etc for PVC. Does not yellow on white profiles and is ideal
for foiled woodgrains as it will not stain. Also for bonding of bigger gaps.


Colour - White      size 19g





8 Everbuild Pro Fill Part Multi Purpose Filler

Everbuild Pro Fill High Performance 2 Part Multi Purpose Filler Light Grey 500Gm. Suitable For Repairing Most Building Materials Such As Concrete Metal Wood And Grp. Rapid Cure Non Tack Surface Thats Easy To Sand.







In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery


Expanding Foam is a quick setting polyurethane based foam which expands greatly on application to fills irregular gaps, fixes framework, insulates and sound deadens.Yields up to 50 times original can contents. Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed over after approximately one hour.. Cans are fully litho printed for effective display.
Using new foam technology, No Waste Foam is the first Hand Held Foam that allows part used cans to be saved and used again and has a shelf life of 24 months, compared with 12 months for conventional foams. Its unique safety valve will not clog or leak, guaranteed to work everytime.
It is also the ideal product to use where it is important not to impact too much stress onto the item being installed.