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5 Products for Disk Washer and Microwave Please Scroll Down 


1 Dishwasher - Guardcote Bottle 


GUARDCOTE is a specially formulated vinyl repair paint made exclusively for the appliance industry. GUARDCOTE repairs the common problems of rust and corrosion in household dishwashers. It extends the life of the dishwasher rack while protecting dishes and silverware from rust spots and chipping.

GUARDCOTE is designed especially for dishwasher racks. It is formulated to bond to the original finish on dishwasher racks and is totally resistant to all types of detergent products and thermo cycling from rinse to dry cycles.

Available in 1/2oz. bottles, GUARDCOTE flows just like paint and is applied with the brush that is built into the cap.

It is available in light Blue, White, and Gray.


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2 Dishwasher - Guardcote Repair Tips


GUARDCOTE 1" VINYL REPAIR TIPS are placed the ends of broken rack wiring to present a clean, "almost new" look that protects the rack and prevents rust spots on dishes and silverware.

Repair Tips come in 20-count packs and are available in light blue and white.


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3 Dishwasher Magic  -  Cleaner and Disinfectant

Over time, your dishwasher can lose its cleaning effectiveness due to build-up of lime, minerals, rust and grease. This in turn, can lead to the presence of harmful bacteria.

But it doesn't have to…

Dishwasher Magic is a dishwasher cleaner and disinfectant that removes limescale and rust, all the while cleaning, freshening and maintaining dishwasher performance.

Dishwasher Magic cleans your dishwasher so your dishwasher can clean your dishes!



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4 Microwave Oven Cavity Touch-Up Paint

Small discolorations on the inside of your microwave oven can be a nuisance.
That's why there's Touch-Up Paint for Microwave Oven Cavities.
It's a great little product specially formulated to re-touch those annoying blemishes and have your microwave looking brand new again.

 £8.99  Colour - Snow Bright White/ Pearl White

Microwave Touch-Up Paint - Snow Bright White

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5 Microwave Oven Cavity Paint Spray - Bright White Cavities

Even when it becomes discolored, you don't need to hide the inside of your microwave.

That's because Microwave Cavity Paint has been specially formulated to provide a "like new" finish to the inside of your microwave oven.

And it can be done quickly, easily and effectively.

Requiring no primer, it's available in 6 oz spray.

 £10.99  Colour - Snow White


In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery