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The Great Wall Patch  


The Great Wall Patch is a self-adhesive wall patch with a fast-setting plaster center that was invented by a General Building Contractor who saw the need for a wall patch that did the job right. Whether the user is a "Do- It -Yourselfer" or a professional, everyone is impressed with The Great Wall Patch's ease of use, ultra thin design, superior strength and unsurpassed quality.
Available in single packs of 4", 6" and 8" sizes.

The Great Wall Patch 4"   - £6.99

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
The Great Wall Patch 6" -   £7.99
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery
The Great Wall Patch 8"  -  £8.99
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The Great Wall Patch 8  Kit"

kit includes
1 Great Wall Patch 8"
1 One Strike Filler
1 Dry Wall Knife Stainless Steel


The Great Wall Patch 8 Kit"  -  £15.99
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

Umbrella Patch - Wall Repair Patch


Patch supports from behind drywall
Provides rigid support structure
Repairs up to a 6 inch hole
Suitable for drywall, plaster and plaster-lathe
No more wall bumps-total smooth repair

Unbrella Patch  wall Repair Patch   -  £7.99

In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery





One Strike Wall Filler
Revolutionary filler formulated using lightweight polymer bubbles that fills most holes and cracks, even deep holes, in just one quick application with no need for secondary filling to level off as One Strike will not shrink, sag or crack.One Strike Filler finishes smooth.

Requiring little or no sanding and can be ready to paint in approximately 15 minutes.


One Strike Filler"  -  £3.99
In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

How to Instruction

Materials Needed: patching compound, putty knife at least 3" wide, spray bottle filled with water and sandpaper or drywall sponge (gloves recommended)

Clean away any loose debris around the area to be patched. Peel backing from The Great Wall Patch, center over damaged area, and press on. For best results, check that a minimum 1/2 inch of the plaster area of the patch is

attached to the surrounding area of the hole.

Spray plaster area of patch liberally with water. Rub gently until plaster has a milky appearance. This step activates the plaster in the Great Wall Patch.

Wait 3 to 5 minutes for patch to start to harden. Press lightly on plaster area covering the hole so that you create an indentation. If indentation does not hold it's shape, wait a few minutes more and press again until it holds an indentation. Let patch dry completely.

Use a fast-setting patching compound and a drywall knife to fill the indented area of the patch and also thinly cover a few inches surrounding repaired area to make a flush finish with the wall. Let area dry (apply a thin second coat of patching compound if needed) sand area to a smooth and flat finish. Texture area, if needed, and prime and paint.



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Expanding Foam is a quick setting polyurethane based foam which expands greatly on application to fills irregular gaps, fixes framework, insulates and sound deadens.Yields up to 50 times original can contents. Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed over after approximately one hour.. Cans are fully litho printed for effective display.
Using new foam technology, No Waste Foam is the first Hand Held Foam that allows part used cans to be saved and used again and has a shelf life of 24 months, compared with 12 months for conventional foams. Its unique safety valve will not clog or leak, guaranteed to work everytime.
It is also the ideal product to use where it is important not to impact too much stress onto the item being installed.