Tough, flexible and highly versatile rubber-based compounds that exhibit exceptional adhesive and sealant qualities. 

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 E6000 Crystal bond  

E-6000    !!! Industrial strength !!!



E-6000® Self-Leveling Formula

Glass and Rubber Cement,  Hardwood,  Wood, Metals,  Tile,  Aluminum,   Fabric  Copper, Marble,  Leather,  Neoprene,  Vinyl  Most Plastics,  Polycarbonate,  Ceramic,  Brick,  Fiberglass,   Linoleum,  Waterproof Cloth,  ABS, PVC,  Brass  And Many More

An indispensable maintenance tool, E-6000 allows the kind of permanent repair and maintenance of equipment that may have been too expensive or difficult in the past.  Its strength in adhering metals, glass, rubber and plastics.

E-6000 is the jeweler's glue of choice, and our favorite. It is a one-part epoxy, (meaning you don't have to mix anything to make the glue -- it just comes out of a tube).

Perfect for attaching findings to base metal and costume jewelry pieces. E-6000 is safe for use with virtually every type of gemstone and works on wood, leather, vinyl, and canvas.

Non-corrosive and self-leveling, E-6000 adheres in 5 to 10 minutes, and hardens to a clear, waterproof cure in 24 hours.

This means you have about 10 minutes to position and reposition whatever you are gluing. If you are making jewelry, you should let the piece dry "hard" overnight, before you wear it. We advise against using superglue for most jewelry-making projects. Superglue discolors stones. Superglue dries like glass, so its seal shatters like glass when piece is dropped. E6000 dries like rubber, so its seal acts like a shock absorber when a piece is dropped.

UV68000 -UV Resistant Adhesive  !!! Industrial strength !!!

Use in applications that are exposed tosun and ultra-violet light

Clear UV-6800 maintains all of the superior properties of E-6000 and enhances it with UV stabilizers, which provide ultraviolet resistance for marine and outdoor applications. UV-6800 may be used as an adhesive on fiberglass, concrete, metal, glass and wood, including teak. UV-6800 is an excellent insulator against water, corrosion from salt spray, mildew, bacteria, most chemicals and vibration. UV-6800 maintains its adhesive strength even when submerged under water. For complete UV resistance, paint over UV-6800.

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Crystal Bond

Crystal Bond Instant Glass Adhesive

Crystal Bond is a very special glass rapid curing adhesive that bonds glass to glass and glass to metal in seconds using natural sunlight to cure and form a permanent bond. Crystal Bond will cure optically clear giving an invisible joint.

Repair glass ornaments & crystal with no trace of cracks or glue left behind.

You will only see the two surfaces of the materials bonded together, any surplus adhesive can be easily cleaned off with regular glass cleaner and paper towels. Strong clear and easy to use, Crystal Bond has an exclusive formula that bonds in seconds and eliminates the need for costly and potentially harmful UV lights. Industries that rely on UV curing can wave goodbye to costs, fuss and the health and safety concerns.

Crystal Bond's revolutionary "safe light system" means that once the bonds are applied, they cure on demand using white and blue light at 470nm. There is no need for UV bulbs that damage eyes and skin.

Crystal Bond is ideal for bonding:

  • Glass to glass, metal, plastics or Ceramics
  • Fiber optics
  • Lens bonding
  • Jewelry
  • Furniture Construction
  • Glass Ornaments