Bumper Repair Kit 

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1:- Bumper Repair Kit

 repair bumper chips

Bumper Repair Kit


 In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery

fix tear leather

Bumper Repair Kit



With this bumper repair kit, you can do it yourself

This kit comes with mix compound  bumper repair compound   Follow instructions in kit.

The Average Person Can Fix It Themselves...For The Low Price Of This Kit.
It Stops  Small Dings From Spreading Into A Large Damage

(1) The Damage Is Sanded Even - (2) The Special Epoxy Filler Is Applied Into The Damaged Area  - (3) The Colour Is Mixed And Applied Over the Repaired Spot - Allow to Dry.

Each Kit Comes with A Colour Mixing Assist Chart.

Contents: 7 Intermixable Colors, Grain Paper, Spatula, Clear Bumper Refinish, Sand Paper & Instructions.



2:-   3M Bondo 


        Bumper Repair Kit 



 In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery


Repairs holes and cracks on car bumper and all flexible parts.
Kit includes spreader and reinforcement mesh
Fast, easy, permanent, and paintable


Bondo Bumper Repair Kit is an easy solution to repair and restore damaged bumpers, bumper covers and other flexible parts.

Bondo Bumper Repair Kit works well as an adhesive or filler and makes repairs permanent.

3:-  Quick 20 Bumper, Fiberglass and Plastic Repair Kit - 20 minute Cure


No Heat Required, Cure Time Under 30 Minutes

Mix equal part of provided fast activator in kit with your mix compound to speed up cure time.

This  kit match most popular colours and grains. This is the very best kit for people who want to repair scratches and small cuts on Bumper, Fiberglass, Fibreglass and plastic without using a heat process. It's simple to use with complete, easy to follow instructions included.

• Repairs burns, holes, rips, scrapes,tears, dent, stone chips and scratches
• Easy 3-step process
• Cures in 20 minutes
• Colour does not change when dry
• No heating tool needed

Three E-Z Steps for a near-perfect repair job:
1. Mix equal parts of colour and activator.
2. Fill in damaged area.
3. Cover with texture paper. Remove paper after 20 minutes.
Kit Contains:
7 Colour compounds, Activator, Epoxy Ribbon, Graining Paper , Spatula, Mixing container and Instructions.

Each kit comes with 7 colour compound Black, White, Brown, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow. and colour assist mixing chart and instructions.
For example to get cream start with white and add a touch of brown and yellow to lighten. For colour grey take white and add a touch of black..






4:-   Bondo Bumper and Flexible Part Repair, 806, 2 oz



 In stock, Allow 1-3 working days for delivery


Bondo Bumper and Flexible Part Repair, 806, 2 oz, 6 per case

Bondo Easy Finish Black Flexible Bumper Repair is an easy to use, two-part epoxy adhesive used to repair flexible parts, including interior plastic parts, dashboards and bumpers. Produces professional-looking results. Compatible with all bumper, trim and paint parts, including TPO and Urethane bumpers. Cures fast. 1:1 mixing ratio.

Product ID : 806
Brand : Bondo
Consistency : Paste
Container Type : Tube
Container Volume : 2 Ounce