What Else Do You need To Repair Today? Plus many other repair kits for all of your repair needs. Whether it be home, auto, boat, motorcycle, luggage, leather jacket, bumper, glass, wood or formica. Use the navigation below to explore all of our top quality repair products.
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Porceclain Bath & Sink Touch up and Repair kit



Vinyl Floor Tile Repair Kit


Wood Chip Repair Kit


repair carprt kits

Carpet Repair Kit



Plastic Repair - Plastics

 Repair plastic such bath and mobile phone,anything made of hard plasticfibreglass etc

From £9.99
Plastex does what other glues and adhesives can't do

Can repair anything made of hard plastic
fibreglass etc




reomve stains kit


Leather Touch Up


Just mix colour to match main item's colour and paint over stains or dis colour on
leather, carpet, wood,vinyl,
desk, kitchen top etc.


clean leathers



Leather Cleaning Product

Poly - Thane Protectant


 For cleaning Leather.
One application for a
permanent clear natural look
beautifier and protection. for
leather, furniture,shoes, vinyl, plastic,etc.

""Nothing esle like it! patent pending" 

dye colour leather


Lifetime Colour


To colour or dye  leather.

Black, Brown,White


repair bumper chips


Bumper Repair Kit


repair windshield glass



Windshield pro Glass


fix tear leather



Liquid stitch kit




Colour Pen

spot colour fade leathers

Single Colour Pen


Women's Heels Repair Kit


Sink & bath Repair kit

 EZ Multimender
Car Glass Repair
 Shoe Repair
Wall Patch

 Leak repair

 Leak Repair
 Tear Repair
 Tear Repair
Fiberglass Patch



 Rubber Glue
  Glass Glue   JD Weld  J D kiwk

Dishwasher Repair Kit

 Metal epoxy
 Metal Tank Repair Kit  Plastics tank repair kit  Exhaust Repair Kit Car Coolant
Bath Sealant easy Squeeze


All our kits are DIY kits made especially for those who want to do the repairs themselves.

Our repair leather and vinyl kits match popular colors and grains. Our fabric repair kit  (just as our repair leather kit) will repair fabric upholstery in the home, auto and apparel. This is the very best kit for people who want to repair items in their home, car, boat, office, luggage and apparel. It's simple to use.

Just apply colored compound, cover with the grain papers, allow to dry, and remove. Complete, easy to follow instructions in every kit. We have a complete line of repair products, at the most competitive price in the UK, because we are direct manufacturers.

If you have a quantity of repair work, or want to start your own business, get started for this low price. Whether you have repair work in the home, auto, boat, luggage, apparel...whether it's dashboards, seating, car tops, door panels, motorcycle seats, leather apparel...or anything made from leather vinyl and fabric, our products works the best and are fully guaranteed.

The repair job is done right in place...and you will be amazed at the results. E-mail for any special repair problem you may have.

Home of Liquid repairLeather. Do your DIY leather repair yourself.

No matter how careful you are, leather can become accidentally damaged Most damage to leather or vinyl can be repaired with just a few simple products all of the different repair kits and products you may find.

Car dash boards often crack for various reasons. Sometimes, they even fade. Our leather and vinyl Repair Kit can solve those dash board problems that creep up after a few years in the sun or from accidental damage etc.

All it really takes is a properly prepared surface, a professional quality repair compound and finish coating along with easy to understand instructions. Our leather repair kit contains all of that...everything you'll need to make repairs just like a pro, for a fraction of the cost. It is possible to repair cigarette burns and minor damage to fabric using specially formulated glues and coloured antistatic fibres. If required the sponge and any reinforcement can be replaced. We can match any colour including fabric with patterns. This technique is very effective and the final result is durable and virtually invisible.

Use our colour pen to cover marks on your leather touch-up dyes once dry, the colour is permanent and waterproof. With our repair kit, leather and vinyl repair really is easy to do, so we like to keep our kit simple too. Our kit provides you with all the necessary items you will need to make most average kinds of repairs, without overwhelming you with non-essential extras.At some time everyone experiences minor interior damage - a small cut or burn on seats or dashboard. This kit will repair such damage without the need for special tools or skills. The kit has all you will need to mix the colour of your choice, apply the adhesives, and even match the grain pattern to your original. A much cheaper and quicker option than replacing or retrimming. You can now repair leather quick and fast.

All our kits are DIY kits made especially for those who want to do the repairs themselves. By repairing using the DIY route you would save yourself money and have a quick repair on demand. All easy to use repair kits and anyone can now :  

Repair the followings;-

Chips and cracks
Plastic parts
Dashboards and phone holes
Cigarette burns to Sofa and leather
Leather seats and vinyl repairs
Repair scratchs from a kitten on a leather sofa and on table tops
Leather repair


Never again waste money on leather reapir, as to repair lather has now become easy and simple.

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